kenya04The following are comments that have been sent to us from individuals who have had an opportunity to experience Ken’s ministry. If you have comments about how Ken’s ministry has touched you, please send them to us via our Contact web page.

“(Ken) …artistically combines simple choruses into a flowing worship. Ken has the ability to weave traditional church melodies with songs he has written for special occasions which touch both heart and soul. He has the gift of blending scripture with high-energy praises as well as quiet, reflective verses. I have seen this gift move a whole congregation closer to the Lord.”

“Ken is my favorite folk singer. He has a rich voice and style and he really ministers to me.”

“Ken’s creative talents are a joyful feast… and he’s a really great guy too!”

“As he started to lead the families in worship, I immediately knew in my spirit that this man was not only gifted musically but also had the presence of the Spirit to sense where the folks were in worship…”

“I was amazed at how talented and professional he was yet very down to earth and able to communicate with the varied ages represented that night.”

“He sings with passion about faith in Jesus Christ.”